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Bieler Family Wines

The Story

These eponymous wines reflect our deep commitment to the most distinct vineyards in France and Washington State. Not just to the land but to the meticulous process of caring for the vines and ushering them to the pinnacle of their potential. Our approach is mindful, deliberate. A love letter of sorts to the grit and passion that every great wine demands. Scouring the region for the perfect vineyard blocks. Co-fermenting different varieties to craft a seamlessly integrated blend. We don’t cut corners. Because the easy way out isn’t nearly as interesting.

The Wines

Daisy Pinot Grigio Blend

A blend of four white grape varieties, co-fermented at the precise moment of optimal ripeness, Daisy opens with gorgeous aromas of grapefruit, lychee, licorice and summer flowers, framed by a flinty minerality. The palate delivers an intriguing interplay between rich, ripe notes and a firm acid backbone.
Bieler Family Daisy, Pinot Grigio Blend Video

Famille Bieler Rosé

A rose petal, herbs and tangerine leads off before giving way to pretty white cherry and peach flavors. A subtle bead of acidity supports the sneakily long and stylish finish. This wine is made alongside the Bieler ‘sabine’ and in the same philosophies. We are trying to find the balance between the savory, citrus and light red fruit with enough palate weight to be mouth filling but not heavy. Acidity is of course a must. The ‘sabine’ bottling has a greater percentage of the young vine rolle and cinsault that we’ve planted over the last 10 years giving the wine a bit more floral lift and high tones.

Born to Run Cabernet Sauvignon

When he was 22 Charles Bieler finished college early, painted a 1965 Cadillac Deville pink, and drove it straight into a wine industry he knew nothing about. For two years he lived out of his Caddy, touring the country and selling his father’s rosé out of the trunk. Over 20 years later and he still runs on that same passion and hustle. The result is a rich, soft California cabernet sauvignon blended with dark brooding and structured cabernet sauvignon from Washington State. A gorgeous blend that’s all its own and more complex than its parts. So get in. Put the top down. And never look back.



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